Hello, I’m Chris Johnston and I want to thank you for visiting my website. 

A few years ago I had the good fortune to attend the Google+ Photographers Conference in San Francisco. While I was there I met Peter Hurley, the undisputed best headshot photographer in the world. Over a few drinks at a bar Peter gave me a copy of his DVD, The Art Behind The Headshot, and the pieces were set in motion for this site to happen. 

I have a style a little different than Peter's, because I enjoy being outside and feel a little claustrophobic being stuck inside in a studio. I also understand the realities of living in a subtropical environment like South Louisiana, and some days, like all the ones between April to October, it's just too hot to go outside and shoot. 

Take a look at my portfolio. See if you like my style, and if so give me a call and let's create an image of you that you can be proud of.


Here I am in Big Branch NWR near Lacombe, LA

Here I am in Big Branch NWR near Lacombe, LA

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