Chris Johnston Photography

How Family Changes You

It's amazing how goals and desires change over the years. When I was 16, I had the good fortune to wander into the Louisiana Nature and Science Center in eastern New Orleans. I went in to volunteer to be part of their version of Space Camp. While there I met an amazing lady who ran the wildlife rehab center and ended up spending all my time volunteering there. 

That exposure created an interest and love for the natural world that never ended. Over the next few years I'd spend tens of thousands of hours in the woods chasing wildlife. I'd travel to Glacier National Park and Banff looking for elk, deer, and bears. I would catch alligators from the back of flatboats and study to be a falconer

When I eventually decided to take up photography my goal was to photograph wildlife. I wanted to climb in the water with alligators and track mountain lions through the Sierra Nevada mountain range and publish those adventures on the pages of National Geographic. The problem was I had kids, a job, and responsibilities that competed with those interest. 

I started photographing what was around me, and this business sprung from that. I captured the little slices of family life that I was experiencing with my kids on a daily basis. It's an adventure no less interesting than tracking mountain lions, albeit it slightly less exciting and far less dangerous.

Here is an interesting collection of images I've captured during that journey.