Chris Johnston Photography

Living Out My Dream

Recently I took a trip to Seattle and on that trip I recorded the video below. The video was unlisted on YouTube and no one has seen it publicly since I made it. I feel the need to mention this because of what happened later.


I was in Seattle for a marketing conference but while there I took a side trip to Snoqualmie Falls to photograph the waterfall. It was spectacular and while there I came to the conclusion that this is how i, how I need to spend the rest of my days. 

Snoqualmie Falls, about an hour outside of Seattle, is definitely worth the trip. I plan to go back in the spring when the falls are running at maximum width. 


You see at that time I was working as an SEO strategist at one of the largest personal injury law firms in the US. For most people this would seem like a good job. Four years before I graduated from very respected digital media program and now I was in charge of SEO for a firm with 15 offices in 4 states making a pretty good salary. The problem was I hated it. 


Since graduating, my office jobs had taught me that I'm not suited for the typical 9-5 career. For one, an office feels a lot like a prison and second I don't like someone telling me where i need to be and when. 


Back to my trip. About three or four days after I returned I was terminated. At first I was mad but then I realized this was gift. This was the answer to my prayer to pursue the life I wanted. It certainly wasn't the way I would have chosen to do it but as I've figured out most of the time in life things don't go the way you plan, especially when pursuing your dream.